Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Christmas Chaos

Every year I say I must not get to December and have everything to do. But it still happens and I don't know what changes in December but everyday seems just that bit shorter and the job list never ending. Trouble is I do not particularly like doing Christmas things in November, for me it has to be a December activity, Now in theory I like Christmas but I just wish I had more time to enjoy Christmas and the preparation of it. But slowly I am getting there. The cards have at long last been written and posted. The decorations went up at the beginning of December. Just when I think I have finished buying presents another one appears on the list that I somehow forgot about. I have started to prepare and freeze meals for the festive week. Menus planned and this weekend sees a big spring clean or should  say winter clean before the family arrive.

So jobs to do: couple more presies to buy, cake to marzipan and ice, more food prep, big clean and finally bedrooms sorted and beds made read for the family.

As I get older I like the way traditions are being set and one of the more recent ones has been a meal that my dad organises for my sister and family along side with Mr P and myself. Last Saturday we all met up at his home in order to travel together to his local village pub.

Oh golly I am going to have to apologise for no pictures. My laptop is driving me mad. It has been playing me up and just after some kind person spent ages getting it sorted it still decides to do its own thing. It decided to reject moxilla firefox as my browser. Refused to let me use my pictures without having to do each individual one in a very long winded way.  So I gave up and used internet explorer. Then a few days ago the laptop refused to let me do anything until I installed windows 8.1. Managed to get used to all the new settings and set up the sites I use often. Today it has just done an update, gave me NO browser until I opted for one and then totally changed internet explorer. Aaaaaaargh - I do not need this now!

Oh well I'm giving up. No pictures to show you our lovely meal and time together. I think I'd better get on with getting ready for work and stop trying to understand my laptop. Hope your week is going to plan and your Christmas prep is going well. Thinking about it the first Christmas had problems too! Mary being 9 months pregnant and having to make a long journey and then when she arrives no where to stay! Perhaps things haven't changed much.

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