Monday, 23 July 2012

The Sun Has Got His Hat On

The sun has got his hat on, Hip-hip-hip-hooray! The sun has got his hat on, He came out this weekend!

Oh what joy to see the sun. Going without for so long makes one very grateful when it does arrive.

Saturday: Day spent with dad in Lichfield. I'd not really been there before and dad was keen to show me his local shops. We had a great day. We mooched around the shops and found an amazing Bead Shop that I know my daughter-in-law would absolutely adore. She has just finished her full time job to create more time to make and sell her jewellery. This is her blog silver chestnut and this is her folksy shop.

We went into a local church that was having a sale and I bought this lamp for a fiver. I cannot decide whether I like it or not but going on Mr P's reaction I know what he thinks.

I thought it was whacky, liked the dangly bits and no one else will have a lamp quite like this one!

We had a coffee and toasted teacake in the park and watched the weddings take place in the local registry office. It's great being nosey!

Headed up to the cathedral - amazing building. Sorry my photographs do not do it justice.

The choir were practising for Sunday's Evensong. Sounded fantastic in that beautiful building.

We slowly walked back to the car past some ponds and saw this duck. Anyone any idea what has happened to this duck? I have never seen one with this hair do!

Then back to dad's home for a refreshing orange juice in the garden and I just couldn't resist taking some photographs of what I could see around me.

Dad's lovely garden - he is such a good gardener. I defy any weeds to try growing there.

My niece bought dad this
hedgehog and bug house.

Sunday: Mr P was still officially on holiday and seems as it was still gorgeous outside we head off for the day for a walk near to Market Bosworth. And of course there had to be some boats!

And an aquaduct.

A horse and cart

Leicestershire may not have dramatic hills but it does have some quaint viallges. I just loved the name of this one! Can you imagine telling someone that you live there they'd never believe you.

The walk was finished with a pub meal - shocking on a Sunday too! Well  I think God wasn't too pleased as the first one we went into wasn't doing meals as the chef was on holiday and then the second one we tried didn't do food on a Sunday! So we ended up in Market Harborough before we found one doing lunch!

The rest of the day was spent crocheting some granny squares - show you later.

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  1. >and no one else will have a lamp quite like this one!

    True - probably not much call for "early bordello" style in Leicester...