Thursday, 19 July 2012

Jet Stream Madness

Well that's what we're being told - we've been stuck in a jet stream of rain and it may be coming to an end this Saturday - whoopee! Here's a link if you want to understand more How the jet stream influences our weather

 Our local road yet again got flooded yesterday.

Some silly lady decided she would try and drive through it and of course the consequences were her having to have her car towed away.

Mr P is away this week in France. He has always wanted to drive his Bertie (BMW motorbike) in France.

Here he is all loaded up and ready to go. Somewhere in all this stuff is a weeks worth of clothes, a tent and bedding. Not sure where?

And of course there had to be some space for little ted to go too! So that Mr P doesn't get all lonely without me.

I have been desperately trying to learn to crochet - especially want to do something with granny squares. Whilst I was away last week I tried but had to give up so this week Mrs A gave up an evening to teach me. Sadly to say tonight she has a migraine - so you can begin to understand what a nightmare I am to teach!. Anyway last night, on my own, I at last managed to accomplish 3 small squares! Ta dah!

Thought I'd show you the latest pictures of the green beans, strawberries, peppers and tomato plants. I don't think there will ever be any tomatoes, just lots of greenery! Just hoping that all the rain doesn't break any more flowers off the beans.

As you can see lots of greenery!

Well having heard from Mr P who is in Normandy, enjoying lots of sunshine, seeing the war memorials, museums, D day landing beaches, that I'd better lure him home with The Devil's Food Cake.

I've got to wait till tomorrow before I can sample the cake too. The smell is very enticing - let's hope he's not too late or there may be none left.

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