Monday, 2 July 2012

Strange Week

I just can't get my head around what time of year we're in - one minute I'm planning on winter clothes, winter shoes and then the next day it's sandals and a dress! Work was manic because of having the previous week off meant that most of my clients wanted or needed to be seen this week. But also I'm having next week off as I am going to my home in Northumberland. It's a bit of a shame that the weeks have come so close together but I am so looking forward to going.
Thursday was even more surreal. Woke up to a very humid/sticky morning but the sky was very dark. Then all morning at work I kept thinking it's going to rain and then it will feel so much more fresher but still the sky got darker. Then 1.30pm  arrived and the heavens opened up along with thunder, lightning and hail.

Have altered my blog as I was displaying images taken from google images and have since found out from a kind friend that this is infringing copyright - so sorry you'll have to imagine the pictures.

This is by one of the surgeries I work in!
" Picture of main road being flooded"

This man was not involved in a car accident but the damage was done by the hail!
"Picture of a battered car"

This picture was taken at 1pm in Leicestershire - you can see just how dark it was.
 "Picture of a dark sky and lightning"

At this time I was working in a library and there is a ramp outside with a rail and the lightning hit the rail and blue sparks flew out hitting the library window. There was an extremely large bang. 

I think most people would agree that they've only seen weather like this abroad not in Leicestershire.

Drove home to discover that I could not get into my road because of flooding. I should say this picture was taken 6 hours after the rain! Some of my neighbours had to clear their garages out because of the flood.

This day was also No 1's birthday and when I saw this card I knew it was for her - she just loves crafting.

Saturday was an exciting but scary day as Mr P and myself travelled to Northampton to The Workbridge on the Bedford Road. This is a charity that works alongside St Andrew's Healthcare to provide vocational training and experience for people with a range of mental health needs, learning disabilities and acquired brain injuries. I ordered from them a garden table and four chairs, no idea what they will look like or whether they would fit into our car for our home up North!

As you can see one chair had to go on the roof.

By removing the back seats we were able to get 3 chairs and the table inside!

The furniture is made out of old bits of wood - recycled stuff. I think whichever client made it they must be tall, as my feet do not reach the floor when I sit down but I can place them on the cross bar under the table!

Felt very virtuous buying this furniture this way.

Sunday lunchtime a young couple came to visit from Leeds. Mr P is marrying them in Marrakesh, September 2012. They came to discuss the service and I fed them lunch. They liked the pud so much that they posted this picture of it on facebook.

 The  afternoon I then set to work on making two tablecloths and four cushions for our guests to use with the above furniture.

Realised too late that I did not have enough material to make four cushions in the same fabric but I think I prefer to have two cushions in a contrasting fabric.

Well this tablecloth was made out of old Methodist curtains and some ribbon that I had lying around in a basket. I forgot that I needed to leave two cloths for the cottage (one in the wash and one to use) so I had to be inventive and I was rather proud of my recycled cloth.

Raised Beds Update:- well the runner beans are progressing with a few small flowers to show.

With all the rainy weather the fight with the slugs and snails continue with me winning with the aid of pellets. Sorry organic folk.

Hopeful flower

Excited about the peppers.

The tomato plant and the chilli plant don't seem to be doing much other than looking green. Wonder if they are just not getting enough sun - don't blame them having a tantrum at the lack of it!

Well it's very late and Mr P and me need to go to bed - early start. Bye.

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