Tuesday, 12 May 2015


Patience is apparently a virtue. Well I think this is a virtue that I am still needing to learn. Over the weekend I decided it was time to break into my gorgeous expensive fabric and make myself another Kate dress. So Saturday, other than popping out for an hour or so, I spent the day making the dress. But by the end of the day I realised when I tried the dress on that it was too big. So I then painfully went about unpicking the whole of the dress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry took a picture on my phone - probably says it all my eyes were all blurry! So Sunday I get up, a fresh new day and a new start. Time to put the dress back together but in a smaller size. By the afternoon it was all done. I then try it on only to discover that the neckline is too big! I need to undo the neckline - that means unpicking two rows of machine sewing! Aaaaaaargh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also means not losing my rag and making any holes in the fabric. So for a third time I redo the neckline. Then time for a tadah! moment but NO the neckline is still tooooooooooooo big! I need to unpick it and rethink it again! I have to be honest and say I could not face undoing it for a fourth time - I think I seriously would have lost the plot and damaged the fabric so sometime this week when I'm feeling calm and collective I will unpick it and make sure that I gather the fabric better. But here's a picture of it so far.

Last night at pic n mix it was a bit of a "show and tell" evening. One lady has made herself what must be the poshest peg bag going!

Even the inside has been beautifully lined.

Then Mrs A bought her newly made quilt - presie for a family member.

If you look carefully you'll see that even the binding is in several colours! Now she likes to be naughty and as the front is sensible she likes the back to be fun.

Meanwhile I have managed to knit yet another shawl with the Gaia Shoulder Hug pattern. A girl can't have enough shawls!

I thought I'd try taking the picture outside so as to get the best image of colour but it's come out much brighter than it actually is. The colour is much softer more heathery coloured.

I adore Noro wool! I love the picot edging.

Lastly, as I am a bit of a bore this week, a weekly picture of my tomato plants. I think they have calmed down in their growth!

Week Two

Week Three

Week Two

Week Three

Bye all.

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