Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Sunny Weekend

Last week was rather uneventful - full of just the usual things that we all have to do like going to work, housework, gardening etc. Then came the weekend and also glorious sunshine. But to start the weekend was the arrival of this small package. I decided to be a little indulgent and buy this...

I'm showing you these photographs as it was wrapped up so prettily. The company is called Stray Jewellry and they have some lovely gifts at very reasonable prices and as a bonus no fee for postage and packing!.

Behind the front is a clock! I'm rubbish at wearing watches and thought this a good alternative when at work. Cute isn't it!

I found one of the chickens in this plant pot - so quickly took this picture through the window before she moved!

Ooops gap in time since first starting this blog!  Had to do some work for my hubby. Ok I'll try and pick up where I was going.

My dad came on Saturday and we headed out to Leicester Botanical Gardens. In one of the greenhouses were some of my favourite plants - insect eaters! I think they are so cool and ingenious.

So many bees were attracted to this flower.

I loved these cones they almost look as if they have been sprayed with some jewels.

Every year during the summer months the gardens have a sculpture display. This one is the rocking lady.

Apparently there are 45 specially selected sculptures. If you are in the area it is well worth a visit and best of all it is FREE!

Seeing this sculpture of a rather large eagle made me realise what it might feel like to be a small bird.

I reckon the paving must have been down for rather a long time. They don't make bricks like this anymore.

I liked the idea of using logs and gluing leaf shaped glass to the surface and then varnishing it. Sure there was a lot more to this sculpture but thought also this was something we could all have a go at making.

This was one of my favourite statues.

We had a lovely afternoon and the gardens now have a tea room - gets better every time I go.

Also during the weekend one of our neighbours has had wedding celebrations and music drumming late into the night. But it has been lovely to observe their festivities. How they kept going for so many days is beyond me. But on the final night before the wedding the guests were dancing outside our house.

Aren't the clothes such fun, such great vibrant colours.

The guy holding the plate of candles, dressed in a blue shirt is the groom. I hope they all had a fantastic time celebrating.

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