Thursday, 17 July 2014

Blogging in My Shorts

Wow I cannot believe what wonderfully warm weather we are having in Leicester. Got into my car this afternoon and the temperature was 33 degrees - should be on holiday!

Yesterday I was woken with a shock. Mr P was stroking my arm saying to me "I think you have overslept it's ten past eight!" AAAAAAAAAAARGH! I jumped out of bed as I should have left the house at 07:50. I was muttering golly my alarm didn't go off when he carries on studying his watch and then says "oh it's only ten past six!" Golly was I so relieved as I have never been late for work and never ever slept through an alarm call.

Listened to a fun book recently.  (Apologies all the photographs were taken on my mobile phone)

I can recommend this if you want an easy read for the beach this summer. It's all very predictable but nevertheless enjoyable.

Managed to read this small book this morning - hence my title for this blog.

I wouldn't want to buy this book but it was well worth borrowing it from the library.

Soon time to watch Celebrity Masterchef! Finals tomorrow. Will have to download it from iplayer as we are having guests for dinner - hope they are tasty! Hee hee.

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