Monday, 21 July 2014

Night Before Pill

Friday night was a lovely evening. You may remember me talking of the vicarage party well three couples worked sooo hard that we decided as a way of saying thank you to invite them all for a three course meal. Golly it has been ages since I have done a meal like this. Had to think about timings as I always find it hard to do a starter and work out how to have the main meal ready in time without it over cooking, drying out or going cold. But all my preparation and thinking paid off and the meal was ok and I was pleased with the outcome. We had a lovely time together, didn't ever imagine I'd be cooking in temperatures reaching 30 degrees! The next day I had arranged to visit No 3, hubby, baby and dog. They have moved from the home they were renting to a new home in a wonderful place called Pill which is officially in North Somerset but I think many feel that they live in Bristol. Knowing what the M5 can be like on a Saturday during school holidays I made a decision to travel down Friday night after the meal. Having drank 3 espressos during the day I felt as if I could make the journey and stay awake. If you know me I like to be in bed by 11pm and am rubbish at staying awake. I arrived in Pill at 0:15 Saturday. But oh it was soo worth going then.

This is the view from the bedroom window I was sleeping in. It's not the prettiest of views but yet so interesting.

Sorry some of you may be wondering what you are seeing - well that bridge is the M5 going over the River Avon. The river is tidal and was out when I took this picture. The new home is not the most prettiest of homes but very practical and lots of space. As I go downstairs I am greeted with the sight of my grandson playing happily in all his new extra spaced out living room.

He adores balls, he loves to play in them, he loves to throw them, he loves to place them in lots of different hiding places. So glad they are brightly coloured as it makes them easier to find later on! The living room has patio windows leading out into the back garden and he had great fun throwing these balls into the garden! Being a granny am allowed to spoil him so I took him a new toy.

When he first was placed onto the ladybird he thought he had to sit cross legged, but he soon got the hang of how he was supposed to sit.

Having got us all up early Rowan decides it's time for a nap and so my daughter took me and the dog for a walk around the river.

If you look carefully you can see the dog, Poppy, in the grass. This is going to be such a great doggy place, so many lovely walks and so many other people with dogs for her to smell and play with!

Somehow Pill makes you feel as if you are on holiday.

Then we arrived at the village - for some reason I didn't take a picture of it but if you click here you can see some images without me breaking any copyright laws. It has a lovely community feel and I am sooo happy to see my young family living here. I went around with such a buzz. I hadn't realised how important it feels as a mother to know that your children are happy and living somewhere appropriate. Their last home just never excited me, it was very small and damp kept invading them whatever they did and the area didn't have any green spaces. Golly we had such a lovely walk that by the time we got back it was lunch time already! Then we headed into Bristol to see a food and music festival.

 We went into a marque full of JUST sweets! So glad it was sweets and not crisps! Sweets do not bother me but crisps I would die for - well perhaps not quite true!

If you look carefully in the background there is a picture of a castle and it is Alnwick Castle! Can't get away from Northumberland. The sweets are made in Alnwick.

I'm not sure if these sweets are gobstoppers but how would you get one in your mouth?

We did eventually get out of the tent - especially when the sweets were 100g for £1.99!

Now these are more like my type of sweeties - olives yum yum.

The smells were wonderful and we were all glad we had had an early lunch. Just look at all this wonderful meat - Mr P would have been in heaven here.

Sadly after a week of lovely sunshine today it rained - BUT look at the size of that green umbrella - ridiculous!

Us British will have our picnics whatever the weather! Good on them!

So exhausting!

On the waterfront was a display of what must be a new craze. Sorry I cannot remember what they called it but it seems that these men are kept up in the air by a powerful hose pipe!

Back home Poppy was waiting to play!

Play time for granny and Rowan - with another ball! Dinner time and then time to head back to Leicester. But I must show you all a final picture.

Yes I am to become a granny again - whooppee!

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