Thursday, 2 August 2012

Olympics Week.

Well I was hoping to have displayed some photographs of the opening ceremony that I took off the television - but my unofficial legal guardian angel has informed me that this too is not allowed. So I'm coming to the conclusion that I really can only use pictures that are entirely my own. That off my chest now I'll continue. Loved the opening especially the part involving the Queen and Mr Bond - what a sport she is. Loved the Rowan Atkinson part and then came the parade of all those countries. Until the commentators explained where they were I thought they could have been made up. It felt as if the lighting of the cauldron would never happen but it was well  worth staying up till 1am to see it all.

My weekend was rather dull to write about - shopping, baking, cleaning and then some craft work. I finally managed to compete one of my W.I.P's (working in progress). I completed recovering the dining room chair pads. Hence the following pictures - because you're not allowed to see my olympic ones - oops slipped out again!.

 The coffee pot one I think is my favourite - certainly took the longest time to make.

Also managed to complete a few more granny squares Ooh I just love the colours. I am going to use them to cover a cushion.

Just love sweet peas and love the way that you are allowed to cut them in order to encourage more to grow.

This plant just grew from 2 seeds! Amazing!

The green beans just keep growing taller and I followed my dads advice about spraying the flowers with some water. He says it prevents them from dropping. For the observant ones those flowers on the floor were ones that had fallen before I followed the advice.

Whilst taking these photographs the chickens were making themselves heard and wanted their picture taking too.

Well must get back to watching some more Olympics. Happy viewing and all the best to Team GB.

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