Thursday, 9 August 2012

Getting Ready For The Road

Yes it's that time of year when I start dragging out the tent, camp cooker etc. Trouble is every year I go through the same ritual of where did I put the camp light, the extension lead, the electric lead for the cooler box etc etc. Hopeless aren't I? One year I'll think about where I'm putting all the stuff but I know what happens I come home with piles of washing, loads of stuff to put away and paid work usually the next day or has been even on the same day!  Next decision what clothes to take. I start off by thinking I must take less this year and then as I go through my wardrobe I find all sorts of summer clothes I'd forgotten about and think "Oh I must take that with me" and suddenly the reasonably sized pile of clothes has turned into a mountain. The next decision is how to avoid taking the kitchen sink! Trying to think practically what sort of meals I'm realistically going to prepare on a camping stove. Mr P and I cheat when it comes to camping. We take a tent but then we take the mattresses out of the caravan to sleep on along with the duvet. Getting too old to be lying on those flat mats and I cannot stand to be locked into a sleeping bag. Last year my medicine bag was so big it looked as if I had enough stuff to perform an operation! So that too needs to be culled.

This was the inside of the car last year - just enough space to see out of the rear view mirror!

So where are we going - good question. We are travelling through France. Start off  Dover to Dunkerque next Monday morning and then we shall be driving to Blois. We are planning on visiting one of those lovely chateaus. After a few days we shall be driving to Massif Central where we are hoping to have a go at a little bit of kayaking. Then on to the Pyrenees where we are hoping to hire a donkey for a few days. The idea being that the donkey carries your gear whilst we walk across a small part of the hills. I have a fear of being given a donkey that will only move when bribed with a treat and then running out of them part of the way through the walk! The rest of the time we will drive back up the country to Isle D'Oleron - to get our lazing on the beach done. Then sadly home from St Malo to Portsmouth on Monday 27th August. Of course in between there will be a lot of eating of croissants, baguettes, fromage and plenty of wine. Oh I do so love France. Also we like to take our boules and try not to embarrass ourselves too much. I love the way that the whole of the family (from the youngest to the oldest) play the game.

But before we go must show you some pictures:

This is what happens when your sun lounger isn't put out right! Loss of dignity for Mr P!

 Cute sparrows sunbathing on a window sill in Uppingham.

At long last I can reap some rewards from the raised bed.  Tomorrow we are going to have a meal that honours my green beans - whoopee!

 I was hoping we might have been able to eat some of the strawberries before we went away but that doesn't look likely but will they be around for when we come back?

So I say au revoir till I'm back to blog again.

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